Lab Format

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When scientists do an experiment, it is important that they keep a complete and accurate record of how they did their experiment, what their results were, and what conclusions were formed from these results.  In order to do this, they write up a lab report. Students will be required to complete at least 16 hands-on experiments throughout the AP Chemistry while using basic laboratory equipment  to support the learning objectives within the AP Chemistry Curriculum  Framework. The investigations will allow students to apply the seven science practices defined in the syllabus.  Six of the 16 labs conducted will be in a guided-inquiry format.  Students will be required to keep a lab notebook where they document their work for each scientific investigation. The following is the format for all investigations in this lab notebook, each section should be clearly labeled as stated below.  This format is very similar to what you  would be required to keep in a college chemistry course. Organization and neatness need to be considered and all reports should be in 3rd person.  

Part 1: Pre-lab (what is required to enter class on a lab day)

Title: Should be descriptive of the lab to be conducted
 Lab Partners:
Who students will be working with

 Challenge or Problem Given: State the challenge or problem for the investigation

 MSDS information: All hazards for all chemicals to be used as well as how to clean up if spilled should be included

 Diagrams or written description of procedure: If a procedure is given, students will just need to create a diagram of the setup to show they understand how the lab is going to be conducted. For guided inquiry labs when students create their own procedure a written description of the procedure would be necessary.

 Pre-lab questions: Any assigned pre-lab questions should be answered in complete sentences with question integrated in answer or if you include the assigned questions, answers can be in incomplete sentences.

 Data Table: Students will need to create any data tables or spaces necessary for data collection in the lab.


Part 2: Data Collection, Analysis and Conclusion (to be completed the night after a lab is conducted in class)

Completed Data Table: All data was clearly recorded and units were included in table.

Analysis of Data: Work for all necessary calculations would be included in this section as well as any assigned analysis questions. Calculations for precision of data/measurements using standard deviation or standard error should also be included here. Finally, when a graph of data is needed, it would be included in this section.

Conclusion: State what was discovered through the investigation and explain how that discovery addressed the challenge or problem given. Make sure to include data to support what you say. Discuss precision of measuring tools and of data collection. Explain how what was learned in the investigation could be used in the real world. Discuss how the investigation could be improved or extended in the future.