Welcome to Chemistry at Bonney Lake High School with Mrs. Berwick! This class will provide a fun, interesting and challenging learning experience to help you understand the integral relationships and relevance of chemistry in our world. Hands-on experiences using scientific equipment and procedures will be used to help you understand the basic principles and theories of chemistry, such as atomic structure, bonding, chemical reactions and equilibrium, stoichiometry, and thermochemistry. We will explore concepts through scientific reading and writing, demonstrations, lectures and interactive assignments, and then you will apply the concepts through labs and problem solving activities and independent homework.  These skills will help develop your scientific thinking to be used for the rest of our life, and they will also be used for success in college courses of Chemistry.

Textbook: Chemistry
The book will be checked out to you, the students, from the library for the semester. Keeping the book covered will help protect it, as you are responsible for any damages to the book. Textbook damage will be assessed a fine and a lost textbook will result in a replacement cost. A classroom  set of lab manuals will be used during class for investigations. They must stay in the classroom, however, so if lab questions are not finished during class, students will need to come in before or after school to finish.

Materials needed for class: Organization is an important part of your success in Chemistry I. You will need to bring a bound lab notebook (that you can purchase through the bookkeeper for $1.15, bring me a receipt and I will give you the notebook). All lab investigations, notes, class work and homework will be recorded in the bound lab notebook. A calculator will also be needed for the many computations studied in Chemistry.  Finally, some kind of writing utensil will be needed daily, preferably a pencil or a blue or black pen.

Grading Policy:
The following grading scale will be used throughout for each quarter using the total points of all your assignments. 

100-93% = A   92-90% = A-   89-87% = B+   86-83% = B        82-80% =B-  
79-77% = C+   76-73% = C     72-70% = C-   69-67% = D+      66-60% =D

Real-life grades are available to view from family access. Family access is the district wide grading program where students and parents can access many important aspects of student life in the Sumner School District. All homework and in class assignments will always be current, if your student turned it in, it is in the grade book. Tests, however, often take 1-2 weeks to grade.

Graded Assignments:
Through out each unit, you will be doing assignments to help you learn the information, taking formative assessments to measure progress of that learning and then completing labs and summative assessments to determine final learning achieved

  • Formative Assignments will be reviewed at the beginning of the class period following the day they were assigned and a score of 1-2 depending on the size of the assignment will be entered in the grade book if they are accurately completed. A score of zero will be entered if they are not until they are completed correctly and need to be checked off on the studentís own time such as before or after school. It is your responsibility to get these assignments checked off during work time and before or after class with in a particular unit.  Once a unit is completed, assignments for that unit will no longer be accepted for credit. All notes, review questions, lab reports and any other assignments for class will be recorded in a science notebook.

  • Formative Quizzes will be given throughout a unit. These quizzes will be graded in class using scoring guides so students understand how they are graded with scores entered into grade book but will not count toward the students grade for the class.

  • Labs and Projects will be a very important part of your learning Chemistry concepts. Students will receive a score in the grade book depending on the level of accurately completed portions of each lab or project. All students earning less than 50% of possible points for the lab or project will receive an "I" (insufficient evidence) in the grade book until they re-write the lab or complete the project to show they have improved their understanding of the concepts to receive a higher grade on the lab. All students have the option to improve their scores on labs or projects by rewriting their original labs or resubmitting their project to show evidence of learning that was missing. 

  • Summative Unit Tests will be given after more than one chapter is completed and will include information from the multiple chapters. All students wanting to improve their score on a test can come in and do test corrections with the teacher if they have completed the test review prior to taking the test. A quarter credit will then be given for missed questions that are corrected if you write out the question missed, what the actual answer should be and explain why that is the answer. These corrections must be done before the next unit test. Students who received below a 50% on a test will be given an "I" (insufficient evidence) in the grade book and will need to retake the test to receive a score. All students who get above a 50% have the option to retake the test as well. For test retakes, students must show evidence of how they have increased their learning (such as completed all formative assignments, studied review in more depth, completed additional outside studying) and then make an appointment before or after school to retake the test to improve their score.

Make up work from absences
To help students avoid getting behind, all make up work will be posted online and students need to take the responsibility for getting their own make up work from this website. Any work that can be done at home should be completed before returning to class. Work that was due on the day of an absence is due on the day you return. Appointments need to be made within one week to make up a missed lab investigation or test. Make ups can only be completed for excused absences. The student must make the arrangements for the make-up with the teacher as soon as they return. If a student feels they have special circumstances, write them down and have parents sign and turn them in for review to receive a due date extension.

I will be available many days before and after school for help and make up. Before school I will be available from 6:50 to 7:20am and after school I will be available until 4:00pm on Monday through Thursday unless I have a scheduled meeting. Please use these times efficiently!

Parent Contact
Parents should use the class website to determine what students are responsible for each day. If you have any questions please contact my school email at If students are failing at the end of a unit, a phone call home will be made to make a plan for making up the missed learning. 

Classroom Expectations:
Use POWER values daily in class J

We will be creating a social contract as a class to discuss how we each want to be treated, so that we agree on classroom standards.

The Student Handbook rules will also be enforced in our class as well as throughout the school so make sure you understand them fully.

If I see or hear food or drink, you will be asked to put them away.

Cell phone and other electronic device policy:
Now that you each have a chromebook for the school year, there should be no reason to use your cell phone in class. If you have any missing assignments, I will ask you to put your cell phone or other electronic device in the cell phone box in the front of the room as you walk in so they will not distract you from getting your missing assignments completed. If you have a valid reason to use these items in class other than stated, please ask before using them.

If any science items are broken or damaged by students, a fine will be assessed to that student to replace the items.

Discipline Procedures:

--Removal to the hallway until an appropriate time for teacher to leave to discuss behavior, if an understanding is made; student can return to class but will have to get makeup work from classmates. Prohibited items will be confiscated for the rest of the period.
--Removal from class, a phone call home to discuss situation, and letter to take responsibility for return. Prohibited items will be confiscated and turned into front office to be picked up by parents.
-- Removal from class, a phone call home to discuss situation again, and a meeting with parents, Mrs. Berwick and a counselor.
--Referral to administrator

* * * Depending on severity of violation, actions may not occur in order

I am looking forward to a great year with you and hope that we don't have to use the discipline procedures because you all we be so well behaved now that you are in high school.