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Many Physics Topics Included A great multimedia physics studio site with both animated visuals and explanations of physic topics such as 1 Dimensional Kinematics; Newton's laws; Vectors and Projectiles; Momentum and Collisions; Work and Energy; Circular, Satellite and Rotational Motion; Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, Static Electricity; Waves, Sound and Light; and Ray Optics

Kinematics The kinematics portion of the physics classroom multimedia website where you can study distance vs. time, velocity vs. time and acceleration vs. time graphs, as well as other kinematics concepts. A great slide show called "Motion and Velocity:  Displacement in Time and Space" about the concepts of motion, displacement, speed and velocity. Graph analysis is also explored. A site with many explanations, activities, slide shows and worksheets to help students understand motion, speed and velocity. The Kinematics Web Site. The purpose of this site is to allow you to explore one of the most common and fundamental topics of physics, that of one-dimensional motion. Includes velocity, acceleration and free fall. A site for interpreting distance vs. time, speed vs. time and acceleration vs. time graphs. A review worksheet for the worksheets done in class on interpreting graphs.

Vectors A site to explore vectors, how to draw them, why we use them and gives a couple example problems to practice.

Projectile Motion


History of Motion 


Newton's Laws of Motion

Sound An interactive site to explore the Doppler effect, where you can change the speed of a bug and see what happens to the sound waves around it.


Ray Diagrams A great site to look at ray diagrams for convex lenses.


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